We are ALWAYS looking for more members!

You can involve yourself in any part of play production!

We also accept donations of all sorts including costumes and building materials.

The Kamloops Players pride themselves on their willingness to teach emerging thespians - every play has a mix of new and old talents.


If you're interested in coming by, helping with a show, or even just meeting with us, e-mail troyeaus@netscape.net, message us on Facebook, or visit the "Contact Us" page for more information!

What's it like with KPS?


If you're looking for a creative outlet or for something fun to do, you've found the right place! 

Kamloops Players is looking for more people who would be interested in helping offstage for productions for the upcoming 2020/2021 season! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated - both member and volunteer - including producing, directing, stage managing, lighting, construction, front of house, and much more! Members and volunteers interested can email us at troyeaus@netscape.net. Email us, and we will match you with an upcoming production this season. 

As always, we are interested to hear your ideas and input for plays, small events, and design! 

If you are interested, please email us! We look forward to hearing from you!!

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